How To Make Money On Your Personal Website Or Blog

It is now the year 2021 and a substantial amount of new people are getting internet connections and are therefore starting to spend time online. Some of them will just use the internet for finding information but some will start to share information as well. Some will do some shopping, while other will use features like home banking or governmental processes.

There are many ways to share the knowledge that you possesses but one of the most common ways and actually also one of the easier ways are to create your own website or maybe your own blog. I will not go into how to create a website or a blog because that could be a whole lection in itself but Ill tell you that you don't need to do much searching to find several guides on creating your own first website or your own first blog. Some sites will offer you step by step instructions as to how you can get started and the best part is that you can do it for free.

What I would like to share with you is how you can profit a little from having your own website or from having your own blog. Again there are almost unlimited possibilities but some of the most common ones are the using Google Adsense, Using Kontera Ads or selling either affiliate products or maybe even your own digital products like an ebook or similar. You can sell links from your website to other websites and you can sell advertising space on your site.

It is only your imagination that sets the limits but you need to remember that without visitors to your page there will be no advertising income of any sort. So before you start spending hours and hours on adding Adsense or any other type of advertisement on your site you should focus on bringing more visitors.

So how do you bring more visitors? There are two very important things that you need to be aware of. First of all you need to make people aware of your site. If nobody knows that your site exists then nobody will come. There are many ways to make people aware of your site but let me give you some examples: tell your friends and family, post about it in forums, use it as a signature in the emails you sent, ask other related website owners to link to your site or to write about it in their newsletters, make comments on other peoples blogs (the link to your website will often be listed as well).

Next thing is to write about something that people want to read about and write frequently so that more and more people will come back and visit your site to see what you have written. Always remember to give people more than they expect. That is the best way to get return visitors to your site.

The income you will get will depend upon the traffic you get so the more quality traffic you get the more money you'll (potentially) make. Give your visitors what they want and they will in return give you what you want.

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