How to Set up Your Affiliate Marketing in India 2020?

Affiliate marketing involves the following steps:

  • Finding a product to promote

  • Signing up for an affiliate program

  • Getting your unique affiliate link

  • Promotion of the affiliate products and links

  • Scoring a commission when someone buys a product through your link

Top Websites for Affiliate Marketing in India 2020

Several websites are offering high conversion rates within India. But some of them top the list and you need to pay heed upon them if you want to make good money by using Affiliate marketing network in India.

Given below is a list of top 17 affiliate marketing websites in India 2020 -

1. Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

2. Amazon Affiliate

3. vCommission

4. eBay

5. HostGator Affiliate

6. Admitad

7. Nearbuy Affiliate

8. GoDaddy Affiliate

9. MakeMyTrip Affiliate

10. DGM India


12. Optimise

13. Payoom

14. Komli

15. Rakuten

16. Digistore24

17. Jvzoo

What Kind of Products to Promote Affiliate Marketing Network in India?

In affiliate marketing, you can sell any product you want. It can be a tangible product like toys or a non-tangible product like spa services.

Based on the type of product you choose the affiliate commission may vary. Broadly speaking, there are two types of affiliate marketing. One is for selling products as well as the other deals with selling services.

As compared to services, affiliate marketing for a product will fetch you less commission. This is due to the cost involved in the manufacturing, storage, packaging, and delivery of the product. The commission range for products may range between 4-15%.

On the other hand, services like hosting, software, or email marketing tools which are service based will earn you higher commissions. Besides higher commission %, they are also recurring in nature if the customer keeps on availing the service.

You can go ahead and promote any type of product that is physical or non-physical- good, services, computer peripherals to the software.

You will find several affiliate programs on the net. However, in India, Flipkart and Amazon are the two most popular affiliate program choices. We are going to tell you how to get started with Affiliate marketing in India in the following section.

Step 1: Find a Product Category to Promote

Finding a product category that interests you is synonymous with selecting a niche. It is the most crucial step in getting started with affiliate marketing. It is crucial because you will be moulding your writing or content according to a specific audience.

While selecting a product category, it is best to go with the one that interests you and that you know about. Remember, you must write on it continuously to gain more audience. So, choose wisely.

Another factor that you must pay heed to is competition. Going with a product category and topic that is too competitive will not yield results quickly. Therefore, you must do a little bit of research on the competition.

Browse through the product category section of both Amazon and Flipkart to make up your mind. Visit the bestselling product lists of these e-commerce platforms to see what is in demand.

Do not forget to also consider the commission % on each product category.

Step 2: Build a Website/Blog/Social Media Page

As we mentioned before, there are several methods by which you can do affiliate marketing in India. However, having a website is the best route.

Creating a website is not at all difficult. You just have to buy a domain and a good hosting plan. Integrate the two and start designing your website. The whole process will take hardly 20 minutes.

A CMS like WordPress makes it easy to create a website by yourself without the need for any coding knowledge.

You can take the help of PPC campaigns and YouTube videos to drive traffic to your website.

Step 3: Sign up for an Affiliate Program

After getting your website up and running it is now time to choose your affiliate program.

Some popular affiliate marketing network in India are:

1. Amazon

Amazon had launched its affiliate program in 2013. Since then, it has been one of the leading choices for affiliate marketing companies in India. Amazon’s affiliate program offers commissions of up to 12%.

2. Flipkart

Flipkart is another one of the best affiliate marketing companies in India. It doesn’t require any fee to join and offers a competitive commission percentage on its wide range of products. They pay on time.

3. vCommission

vCommission possesses a network of 17500 affiliates. These numbers are still growing. vCommission offers good profit % on sales. Bloggers have the option to earn money through their CPC, CPS, CPA, and CPI offers.

Furthermore, they offer app installation and specialized branding that appeals to bloggers.

4. eBay

For those who want to earn money fast and easy, eBay should be your choice for the affiliate program. You can join the eBay affiliate marketing network in India free of cost. They also offer attractive commission rates.

5. Share a Sale

If you want to earn well by doing affiliate marketing in India, Share a Sale can also be a good option. Any business owner or blogger can join it. They just have to complete a short registration process. After that, you just have to select a merchant product suitable for your blog.

Step 4: Select the Product you Intend to Promote

You had first selected your product category. Now it’s time to choose items under that category. It’s good if you have already decided what you want to promote. If you are still confused, you can just hop on to the best performing list on Amazon.

Don’t just go by the bestselling list; also include the good reviews or ratings as your sorting criteria. Once you have zeroed in on an item just begin promoting that item on your website by writing compelling content.

It is a good idea to go with the products that are already in demand and are selling well.

Step 5: Create Content About the Product

When it comes to promoting, writing any type of content will not do the work. You must be smart about your writing. The aim here is not just to give valuable information to your audience (which you must do, it is important). You should also mould you are writing to persuade them to buy.

We have made a list of the type of content that performs best for affiliate marketing.

The ‘How to’ Articles: ‘How to’ articles teach people something and they also happen to be the best-performing ones for sales. You can write how-to articles as well as tutorials. They add much value to your readers and generate natural sales. For example, “How to decorate your home?” is one question you can combine with relevant product links.

Comparison Blogs: Comparison blogs compares the features, pros, and cons of two products. You can write articles that compare two or more products. Such items attract an audience and increase traffic.

Product Review Articles: Product review discusses the features as well as the experience of using the product. It is advisable to write these after you have personally tried the product. You should write product reviews. It is best to go for the articles that you have already used or often come in touch with.

Discount Articles: Here you throw light on the latest sales, discounts %, and coupons that give people value for their money.

Product Listicles: This is an accumulation of information on different products of one category to help the users make a choice.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing in India 2020

There are tons of benefits of affiliate marketing. Some of them have been highlighted below:

(i) You are earning money by selling someone else’s product. This takes away the stress of creating your own product and selling.

(ii) You are concerned only with the sales part of the business. You do not have to bother about storage, packaging, and delivery.

(iii) This requires practically no monetary investment from your side, but you still make money.

(iv) Affiliate commission can go up to 70-80% for some products which present huge earning potential.

(v) If you manage to sell a service then you may be eligible to earn a commission for a long period of time which ends only when the customer withdraws their membership.

(vi) This is one of the best ways of earning passively. After some initial phase of hard work, you can earn money even when you are sleeping.

(vii) A successful affiliate marketing business can make you financially independent. It can give you the freedom of quitting your 9-5 job.

(viii) Affiliate marketing only requires some time and effort in promoting the products by blog writing, text link ads, banner ads, and others.