Making Real Money With Fiverr

What is fiverr?

Fiverr is a website that advertises itself as the world’s largest marketplace for services. The fiverr website is a place where you advertise your services and find clients who will employ you.

Started in 2010, Fiverr started off as a small website that hosted only a few buyers and sellers. However, it grew in popularity within a short period of time and within the next 2 years, fiverr hosted 1.3 million users. It is said to have grown over 600% in business within 3 years of starting up.

Fiver is an online marketplace where both buyers and sellers converge to give and take services. It is a freelance marketplace where anybody can advertise, and anybody can avail services. These can be small services or even micro services. Fiverr is better referred to as an online outsourcing portal that helps clients find potential employees and vice versa.

How does it work?

Fiverr works in a straightforward fashion. There are two options that are available with one being for the customers and the other one being for the clients. Each service on fiverr is known as a gig. The customers have the chance to showcase their skills and advertise their gigs and the clients can view these and employ them. Once the client contacts the service provider and the work is discussed, the latter gets a time limit within which they should prepare and submit the work. Once the work is submitted and marked as completed, they are paid their due.

Can anyone get started with it?

Fiverr is a vast marketplace and encourages all types of people to use it. You can access it from any part of the world and have any sort of skill set to start with it. Right from students to working professionals, and housewives, just about anyone can get started with fiverr and provide their services to a sea of clients. It is quite easy to register and get started with fiverr so anyone can get started with it right away. Similarly, clients looking for a diverse range of work can get started with fiverr. There is no restriction on who can and cannot start with fiverr. We will look at this aspect in detail in a while.

How much will I earn from it?

Earning money from fiverr is quite easy and how much you earn will depend on your work. There is no standard earning limit and you can earn as high as $5000 a month. But for that, you will have to pick a lucrative gig and have an impressive profile to find regular clients. There are many success stories out there and you can have one of your own depending on the skill set that you own. You need not advertise just a single gig and can have as many as you like.

How long does it take to complete a gig?

Generally, people try to finish a gig as soon as possible so that they can move to the next one. Some people take as little as 1 day, and some might take 30 days. The client will have the chance to pick an option within which the work should be submitted. The standard option on the site includes 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days etc. The job profile will have a big say in the time that it will take for a person to complete a job. Sometimes, the client will affix the time frame for the job within which the service provider has to submit the work. For this, they will choose between the 1-30 days option and pick the number of days that they think is best for the job.

What about the competition?

It is impossible for an online marketplace to not have any competition. It is obvious that many people will advertise their gigs on the platform, and you will have to face stiff competition. But given how much work needs to get done, you might not have to stand in line for your work to be reviewed and employed. You might have to work a little hard at the very beginning to make your mark but will get progressively easier for you to hit it off on fiverr.

Should I quit my day job for it?

That decision is up to you to make. There are some people who take up fiverr gigs as their day job and quit their previous jobs for it. If you think your fiverr gigs have picked up traction and you are able to earn a substantial amount from it then you can take it up full time.

Why Fiverr Is a Great Platform for You

When it comes to an online platform that offers people the opportunity to make money several doubts crop up in their minds. Some of these include doubts on whether they have picked the best platform to pursue and whether it will give them the desired output. I’m sure you have the same doubts in your mind when it comes to fiverr and so, here are some reasons that make fiverr a great place to find your clients and set up your business.

Free signup

One of the biggest advantages of fiverr is the Free Sign Up that it offers. You do not have to pay anything towards signing up on it and can start advertising yourself within a matter of minutes. If you have had a bad experience in the past over fraudulent websites that charge you money to get started, then fiverr is sure to help erase any such memories, for good!

Easy to use

It is obvious that people want something easy to work with as otherwise it will be quite difficult for them to manage their business. Fiverr will prove to be a good choice owing to its ease of use. You will not have to put in too much effort to understand how it works and it will all seem a bit too easy for you to set up your business. Through the course of this book, you will know how exactly to get started with your business and how you can use the website to your advantage.


Fiverr is a website that provides an opportunity to many people with diverse skills. This means that you do not have to have a particular skill set alone and can get started with your skill set. So, whether you are a designer or a singer, fiverr will give you the chance to use your talent to the fullest. You can help create jingles, write content, design logos etc. There is no limit on the things that you can do with the help of fiverr and you are sure to remain busy with it for a long, longtime!

Follow your passion

One of the main criteria that people look for when they wish to start a business is, whether it allows them to follow their passion. If the platform helps them exploit their hidden talent, then they are sure to take it up and exploit it. Fiverr is one such place that allows you to pursue your passion and follow your dreams. Whether it is a flair for writing or a talent for singing, you can hone your skill and start making money with it through fiverr. You will have the chance to be happy with whatever that you do.


The pricing policy of fiverr is quite easy to understand and exploit. As you know, you can work on the site and advertise it for $5, at least. Depending on how much you think your service is worth, you can price it accordingly. You do not have to worry about thinking too long about pricing your services and can look up at what price your competition is offering their work at. Based on it, you can price your services accordingly.


The flexibility that fiverr offers, adds another advantage to picking the site. This means that you can work for a few days, take a break, and then work again. There is no rigid timeline to when you need to report to work. The choice is completely yours and you can pick your own work timings. This aspect is especially useful for those looking to work part time. Flexible timings are also ideal for those wanting to work with foreign clients. Remember that people from all over the world sign up with fiverr and you can choose to work with a local client or pick one from abroad.


There are also a vast number of buyers and you will not have to go after them in search of work. They will themselves come to you and provide you with work. It is safe to say that there will be a diverse mix of customers that you will come across and diversify your customer base. You will find both long-term users and those looking to employ temporarily. You will have the chance to pick from a diverse range of employers. The support of a community can be a big deal and fiverr is sure to keep you happy in respect to it.

Customer support

The fiverr customer support team is quite vast and extremely helpful. They will be available at any time and answer questions to help you out. Should you have any doubt, you can simply ask the question and have it answered. You can also ask for their help to fix any issues you might be facing. There are many ways of reaching out to the community and some of it includes e-mailing them or leaving behind feedback. They will investigate it and help you. If you have any issues with a client, you can e-mail the concerned team and have them investigate it. You can also get in touch with some of the other fiverr users and have your questions answered.

Withdrawing money

There are some platforms that do not have a flexible money withdrawing policy. They expect you to reach a certain amount before the money can be withdrawn. But at fiverr, there is no such rule. You will be able to withdraw the money within 14 days after the task is marked completed and for top rated sellers, the time is 7 days. We will look at how you can withdraw money from your fiverr account in a later chapter of this book.

These form the different advantages of working with fiverr but are not limited to just these. Once you start using fiverr, you will get acquainted with the other benefits.

Getting Started with Fiverr

In order to get started with fiverr, there are a few basic steps that you should follow.

  • Step 1: The very first step is to register yourself on the website. For that, you should visit this Page. As you can see, you can register with your email, Facebook account or your Google+ account. You can then choose a USERNAME for yourself. But remember that once chosen, you cannot change it. So, you should think it through. Once completed, you will get a link in your email that you have to click to activate the account.

  • Step 2: Next, you can secure your account by choosing a security question to help secure your account. Next, you should add your PayPal account details. It is best for you to link your PayPal account, as that is the easiest and safest place for you to get your money.

  • Step 3: Next, you can work on your profile. Remember to fill in all the required fields and give away honest information. You can manage your public profile and choose what you want your audience to see and what not. However, it is best to not add in any personal information like your address or phone number, as many people will be able to see what you put in. There, you will also have the option of picking the language. This language will help your customers communicate with you easily.

  • Step 4: The next step is for you to start creating your gigs. Gigs, as you know, stand for your sales pitch. It is what you will use to attract your customers. You can go to Selling>Create a Gig. There, you should first add a title to the gig in about 80 characters. Then, select the category and sub-category that befits the gig. You must then select an image that suits the gig. Next, you can add in the description of the gig. This is probably the most important part, as your clients will finalize you based on what you add in. You will have a limit of 1200 characters. Next, you can add in the metadata that will make your gig SEO friendly. You can then add in any desired files and fill in all the other important fields. Remember to set a live portfolio as that will help showcase your work.

  • Step 5: The next step is to price your gig. You should choose a gig package that will help you choose both the price of the gig and the time that it will take to complete it. This is important, as your client should know when they would get their work.

  • Step 6: Once done, you can start working. But before that, you should spread the word about your fiverr profile. You can paste the link on all your social media platforms to educate people about it. Remember that this is an important step, as people should know about your gigs. The more effort you put into exposure of the gigs as well as other marketing efforts, the more likely people are to purchase it.

  • Step 7: Once your order is placed by a client, you should begin work on it. You should look at the time that they have given you and work accordingly. Once your work is done, you must deliver it. For that, go to your dashboard and find TO-DO. There, you should Click on Deliver Now and have the work delivered.

  • Step 8: You can manage your sales. You can go to it through Selling>Managing Sales. The first option you see there will be priority option that refers to the work that is cancelled or late orders. Next, you will see the new option that refers to the new orders that you have received. The Active orders refer to the orders that you are now working upon. Late orders refer to the ones that you had to submit 24 hours before and are still waiting. Delivered refers to the orders that you have submitted to the buyer but have not been marked complete yet. Completed stands for the orders that you have completed and submitted. Cancelled are for the orders that you cancelled.

  • Step 9: Once your work is delivered, the client will mark it as complete and you will be paid for it. Once you are paid, you can withdraw the money after 14 days.

  • Step 10: Fiverr faces is a new feature that you can exploit. It refers to an app that helps create a caricature of your face. This is an interesting feature and will help you create a caricature that you can use as your profile. You will be charged for it and the sum will depend on the delivery time that you choose for it.

These form the different simple steps that you can follow to get started with your fiverr account and start your business.

Advertising and Finding Customers

It is important to advertise yourself and get word of your gig out there. There are success stories of people earning $5000 and above in a single month and that is only possible if you spread the word of your gigs out there and notify people about your work.

Here are a few things that you can do to guarantee a large audience.


The first and foremost thing you need to understand is SEO and its usefulness. As you know, SEO stands for search engine optimization and is meant to help your gig turn up as the first result on a search engine. It is extremely important for you to make use of keywords that are most likely going to get typed in by your clients. The more the keyword matches, the higher your gig will be placed. You should also fill in the metadata and make use of appropriate headings that contain the important keywords. If you are not sure about any of it, you can ask an expert about it or take the help of an SEO expert to help you out. You can also look up some of the thing’s others are doing and employ the same tricks. Funny enough, you can also find SEO experts directly on fiverr itself!


Having a blog always helps with promoting your online presence. For this, you should start a blog and write on interesting topics pertaining to the kind of work you enjoy and your passions. You can start a free blog on blogger and start writing. If you already have a blog, then you can mention your fiverr gig and divert your audience. If you do not have a big enough audience, then you can look and connect with popular bloggers and get them to write for you or be a guest blogger for you. That way, you will have the chance to get all his or her fans to check out your fiverr gig and at least half of them might consider you.


Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking site and has billions of users. You can promote your fiverr gig on Facebook and inform all your friends about it. You also have the option of creating a separate and dedicated page for your gig. You can create a Facebook Page where you can write everything about your gig, the services you offer and share appropriate links. You can send an invite to all your friends to like it and ask them to share it with theirs and them with theirs etc. That way, you can obtain a lot of likes for your gig and build a large audience.


Twitter is the next best social networking site that you can pick to advertise your gigs. As you know, twitter has millions of users and a worldwide reach. You can create a separate twitter page for your company and share links of your gigs. As you know, you can tweet about it and get others to retweet. That is sure to get you get noticed by many people, who might be based all over the world. But do not limit it to just writing about your gig. You must give people a reason to visit your page and writing about trending topics is sure to help you.


Linked is another place where you can promote your gigs. LinkedIn, as you know, is a site for professionals. You too can create a professional page for your company and add in links to your gigs. You must connect with other professionals and other companies. Do not wait for them to look for you and connect and send them connections by yourself. You can also try the professional set up option where you will have to pay a little fee, but your gig will reach all the right places.


It is an absolute must for you to have your own YouTube channel if you wish to advertise your business efficiently. You can add videos of your gigs that provide information about it, describe its aspects etc. You can also add links of your gigs in the description so that people can visit your page. You must also actively participate in the comments section and answer questions. And don’t forget the call-to-action message that you have to provide at the end of every video. People should be reminded to check out your link that you add at the bottom.


Instagram is where you can share pictures with the world. You can take quality pictures of the work that you provide and share the pictures on it. You can then share the links to these pictures on other sites such as Facebook and twitter. It is great to get some of your clients to help as well and ask them to take pictures of the work that you provided to them.


It is important to participate in forum discussions. There are many forums where you can share links to your gigs. You can answer any questions that are getting asked on these forums and then add in a link to your gig. You should try and incorporate the gig in your answer so that the message is delivered subtly. You should try and visit as many forums as possible and not think of any of them as not being worthy. You never know where you might get your next client or group of clients.

Press release

Press releases refer to releasing information about your gigs in the press. This is possible if you know anybody who works at the press and will help you out. If you do not, you can contact the editor to help you have it released. It is best to choose the online platform of the tabloid. You must create an interesting headline and then mention the details of your gig. You can then have it printed or published. This is sure to get you noticed by a lot of people. You can also share the link of the release on all your social media sites. All these social media outlets mentioned increases the exposure of your gigs and can all be outsourced by finding social media marketers directly on fiverr!

Average score

It is important for your average rating to be high for you to show up on top when someone searches for you. Many buyers have cited looking at the average ratings score to find the best one. It is best to have the score between 4.5 and 5 so that people are impressed by it. You must keep yourself in all your clients’ good books and get them to give you a good rating each time. Even if you do get a 3 or 3.5, they should be much fewer compared to the 4s and 5s that you have. There are several things you can do to increase your rating. Giving additional value to the customer by providing extra services free of charge or bonuses for being a repeated customer will be rewarded with higher ratings. Some bonuses can be easily added once you build a streamlined system. For example, if you were creating e-book covers as your gig, you can set up a template file to automatically convert your designed 2-d cover into 3-d to add as a bonus. Once the template is created, it takes almost no time to create the 3-d cover which will impress the customers!


When you send the samples to your clients, you should send them your best work. You should also send links to your website and other important files and links. It is best to get referrals from your current customers, as they will know others interested in the same. You can also get them to praise you, as many people are influenced by other opinions. As mentioned earlier about setting up templates to provided additional free of charge bonuses, one way to drastically increase the referral rate is by joining different Facebook groups that go hand in hand with the kind of fiverr gig you are offering, and offering a free gig to a few members. This is a fast an effective way to boost your rank and ratings. For example, if your gig was creating e-book covers, you can join different self-publishing groups and offer a free cover to a few members. You can also let them know that if they refer you to someone else, they will get a discount on their next order, as well as the person who got referred. This builds a strong foundation of loyal and happy customers early on!

These form the different ways in which you can advertise your work and spread word to as many different people as possible.

Do your best!

It is extremely important for you to give your best regardless of whether you are getting paid $5 or $10. Don’t think about the price. It is obvious that you will have to work for a small sum at the very beginning. It will not continue for long and you can always increase the price with time, as and when you start earning the badges. Also, you will have the chance to accrue a lot of experience and learn several things, which will help you better your skills.

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